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Treatment for Back Pain and Locating a Back Pain Clinic Near me?

back pain treatment

Are you hunting for effective back pain treatment in Mumbai? Look no further and find a back specialist, back pain doctor, or back pain clinic near me. Get expert care and relief from your back pain today!

Mumbai boasts some of the best doctors who concentrate in back pain treatment. If you are experiencing a sharp or long-standing pain, some specially designed approaches will suit the particular aspects of your problem.

Looking for a Doctor Specializing in Back pain?

SVV Ayurhealthcare is the best back pain clinic situated in your area in Powai , Mumbai. We have exceedingly qualified back specialists together with physicians and physiotherapist who give personalized pain management treatments for long-lasting results. You can establish what is meant by high tier care by trying us out now.

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back pain treatment

Types of Back Pain

  • Acute Back Pain : Short-term pain lasting a few days to weeks. Often caused by muscle strain or injury.
  • Chronic Back Pain: Pain that persists for more than three months.
    Can result from conditions like arthritis or disc issues.

  • Lower Back Pain: Pain localized in the lumbar region.
    Common causes include herniated discs, muscle strain, and sciatica.

  • Upper Back Pain: Pain in the thoracic spine area. Often due to poor posture, muscle irritation, or spinal problems.

  • Axial Pain: Pain confined to one region of the back.
    Typically a result of muscle strain or ligament injury.

  • Neuropathic Pain: Pain caused by nerve damage or irritation.


What is responsible for the typical incidence of back pain?

The typical causes for these pains are muscle/ligament strains, herniated/bulging discs, arthritis, osteoporosis, poor posture and trauma from accidents or falls.

What triggers medical intervention to my back pain?

Intervene medically for severe symptoms persisting for longer than a few weeks, when you start noticing other symptoms such as weight loss, fever and when there is weakness, tingling or numbness in your legs.

What are the various back pain treatments?

Back pain remedies consist of physiotherapy, pain medications especially analgesics and anti- inflammatory drugs, osteopathic medicine, needle therapy, steam treatment and at times surgery. It is also useful for patients to adopt a modern way of life that comprises physical activities alongside ergonomic adaptation.

How well does physical therapy work for back pain?

Physical therapy is very effective for a lot of different kinds of back pain. It assistances in strengthening the muscles that support the spine, increases flexibility reduces discomfort by targeted exercises and hands-on manual therapy methods

What is the difference between acute and chronic back pain?

Acute back pain is a term used to describe a shorter period than the longer-term chronic back pain. It is triggered by an injury or wrong move in most cases. It means that the pain lasts for three months at the least. Said another way, it refers to that more time.


I had back pain since a year and took a lot of medicine ,other doctor told me that i have swelling in back . But on recommendation of friend I met Dr. Anil , taking his medicine from past 1 month and now my back feel very good . I can do normal daily work. With panchkarma ,Dr anil has told me that back will become more flexible and pain free. Thank you Dr.

Sarita Mumbai

I was suffering from body-pain problems for many months. I came here after one of my friends recommended it. After getting a deep tissue massage, my body felt relieved. I suggest everyone visit this powai body pain relief centre if they are facing body pain discomfort.

Ajanta Kalyan